‘Evil Dead 2’ U.S. Version Vs Mexican TV Version


So, I am sure you have been saying to yourself recently, “I wonder if there is a Mexican TV version of the classics Sam Raimi/Bruce Campbell 80s flick, Evil Dead 2. Well lucky for you, there is! Thanks to Reddit user u/MineCraftTroller28 and YouTube account BookoftheDead, the awesome and weird differences can be seen side by side. The whole thing is around 25 minutes and just shows the differences in the two cuts of the film. The Mexican TV version had HEAVILY edited out a lot of the gore effects. Hell, they even edit out Bobby Joe’s hair getting eaten by the deadite. I’m sure this wasn’t uncommon for the mid-eighties.

But, one very cool thing about watching the comparison is that there is actually extensions onto other scenes. Maybe these additional shots are on one of the 100,000 U.S. versions available, but I have never seen them. One example is when Ash goes to the cellar to retrieve the pages of the Necronomicon, we are given a complete 360 degree shot of the cellar and an extra shot of deadite Ash walking outside of the cabin. The most insane difference is the very end when Ash is getting sucked into the time vortex. The montage of production photos and various art prints is dizzying. You will have to see for yourself. It’s very cool as a HUGE Evil Dead fan to watch this so what are you waiting for? Watch below!

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