Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill! Movie Review

Now with a name like that how are moviegoers not supposed to think of the classic movie by Russ Myers entitled "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" However this indie horror also makes itself enticing to all fans of Megadeath as the lead vocalist Dave Mustaine lends his voice to the cryptic psychotic who has more then …

WaxWork Records gets Creepy with new vinyl

creepshow 2, waxwork records, vinyl

Waxwork Records has done it AGAIN and is releasing another beautiful vinyl with original artwork. Sporting artwork by the always amazing Ghoulish Gary Pullin, the package includes a built in booklet page, linear notes, and 2xLP 180 gram colored vinyl! https://www.facebook.com/waxworkrecords/videos/2629939437145287/ They ususally put out a few different variants. The one in our top image is the …

The Nightmare Machine 

You ever wonder where those eerie and spine-chilling sounds come from that are included in some of today's most successful horror films? Great Big Story produced a short documentary on how some of these pieces of score are produced. Film music composer, Mark Korven, shows us how it's done. https://youtu.be/1lTYPvArbGo