Beauty is pain – The Twisted Tale, Scarred

Beauty is pain the twisted tale of a killer and his demented hatred.

It’s Alive!

The juxtaposition of beauty and horror come into focus in the, It’s Alive! Horror and Sci-Fi Art exhibit. This insanely cool collection comes from Kirk Hammett. That’s right. Kirk Hammett, the guitarist for Metallica has an awesome collection of sci-fi and horror memorabilia. This amazing gift to horror, sci-fi and art fans was organized by …

Confessions of a Horror-Aholic: Scary Basement Media welcomes Femme13fatale

horror icons, michael myers, jason voorheen, halloween, friday the 13th, jaws, it, the lost boys, night of the living dead

The bloody allure of the horror movie started when I was a kid. I would rent horror movies every weekend, fascinated by the gory special effects. My reading material included, Fangoria and Gorezone magazines. I was the kid the other children turned to when they had a horror-related question. I wanted to either be in …