Gimme Some Sugar- Happy 62nd Birthday Bruce Campbell

Happy Birthday Bruce Campbell

[Trailer] In Search of Darkness documentary trailer is epitome of 80’s horror retrospective.

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If you are a horror lover you understand and respect what the decade of cocaine fueled craziness contributed to the horror genre. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there was cocaine involved in every 80's horror movie (Maximum Overdrive). All I am saying is that the 80's were amazing in a lot of ways …

Groovy Bruce Campbell to make announcement on New Years Eve

Ok, so supposedly the legend himself, Bruce Campbell, is making a special announcement during Ripley's Believe Or Not New Years Eve Special at 10:00pm EST. No one knows what the announcement is going to be but everyone is hopeful it has something to do with the Evil Dead franchise. Fingers crossed Ash is coming back …