Gimme Some Sugar- Happy 62nd Birthday Bruce Campbell

Today was another lucky day for us horror fanatics. 62 Years ago today a “groovy” baby boy was born and ended up turning into a horror movie icon. Bruce Campbell is literally one of the best and most appreciated horror actors in the biz and I myself adore him for so many reasons.

From serious horror comedy like Buba Hotep is supposed to be to flat out ridiculousness of My name is Bruce, Mr. Campbell has had a very active and successful career. Evil Dead was one of the first horror films that I ever saw that were full of mushy entrails and squirting blood and to this day I owe my love of horror movies mostly to Evil Dead. So where ever the heck you are in this world Bruce Campbell have a groovy Happy Birthday from all of us horror fans.

Good job at keeping us hooked and in love with you for 62 years and we hope for many more to come!

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