The Obscure Obsession- The artistry of Horror- A Expose with artist Erik Labossiere

Lets begin by saying that I am extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to rip this mans artistic vision to shreds and disect it into bloody ribbons, it was truly fun getting to know my friend on a artistic level such as this. So lets begin by saying I am truly honored to write this article for you and yours.

Born and raised in Regina Saskatchewan this prairie born gentleman is a prime example of what dedication and love of art and the macabre can accomplish. From music to photography, all the way to cinematic horror Erik Labossiere has done some amazing and captivating work. For the past few years I was able to witness his artistic grow and expand and what I saw was a vast array of horror, darkness, intensity and unimaginable visual aspect. The horror industry has many different sub genres that exist and Erik knows how to truly capture them all in his photos, videos and movies.

Getting to witness and watch a artist grow is something that not many writers can say they had the privilege to do. Enclosed is a short interview with him and I can’t wait till my next article (stay tuned) about his short film Causality.

What’s your background and how does it influence your work?

Well, from an early age I’ve enjoyed storytelling, and I can specifically cite professional wresting (Namely the presentation of The Undertaker in the 97/98 ministry era) and televisions shows like Tales From the Cryptkeeper, The X-Files and The Outer Limits as earlier examples of occult and horror that began to shape my interest and focus. I grew up in a religious household, but with parents who were progressive and supported my artistic endeavours, even if it didnt align with their preferences.

What does your work aim to say to the viewer?

While every pieces has a different contextual focus, I would say universally I try to create art that elicits an interest in learning more to the story. Everything I create has an intent or narrative purpose and I like to give enough to create a mood or context, but leave it open beyond that so a viewer may interpret meaning of their own. I aim to create an emotional connection.

How do current issues political or otherwise influence your work

I am a strong believer in justice, and in creating content that pushes appreciation, respect, and empathy. I have little interest in the romanticism of violence and horror, and prefer to see it used as a tool to convey a powerful message, be it positive or negative. I guess an example would be that I value “Last House on the Left” utilizing assault as a premise to ask a question of objective morality, more than a film simply having a rape scene for shock value.

Who are your biggest influences in your art

Visual and Musical influences go hand in hand for my creativity, so I always will credit composer Akira Yamoaka as a major contributor to the mood and feel of my work. I take a lot of influence from the horror gaming I grew up enjoying such as Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, and Resident Evil – and spent the majority of my life listening to and performing in metal bands, so the occult iconography, and fantasy imagery utilized in that genre definitely plays its part as well.

How have you developed your career

Slowly. Haha. I’ve never turned away from an opportunity to tell a story. Whether it be in a band, in a photo, in a video, in a wrestling ring, I take influences from all the mediums I’ve cultivated the opportunity to create within. Whether it be the frantic nature of wrestling vignettes, the detail focus of 90s music videos, the aesthetic attention of filming weddings or models, or the timing of asian horror cinema, I like to think my style is drawing from many many places.

which current trends are you following and how do they influence you

I find a lot of people scoff at trends, and try to exist counter to the culture or norms of a “trending” style. While I dont specifically aim to meet and exploit what is popular, I think there’s an inherent value in diving deep into why a style is popular and what its says about the public at the time. I’ve recently gotten into Lofi/chillwave/vaporwave/witchouse, and its focus on retro-tech and minimalism is definitely playing a factor in my current artistic output.

The horror genre is a wide base of sub genres what are your favorite genres and favorite aspects to work with when it comes down to your short films

I have always had an absolute awe for asian horror. The ability to tell an often simple, often thoughtful and even touching horror story that juxtaposes the simplicity of a slow paced, real character life with the frenetic and intense energy of psychological trauma, manifesting it in visceral imagery that is beautifully framed and expressed on a minimum budget and often with a minimum score, is such a powerful accomplishment. Give me “A Tale of Two Sisters” or “Cello” any day over a North American jump-scare gauntlet any day.

What projects do you have coming up

While I always have new photoshoots and aesthetic shorts being created to explore different moods, I’m currently scripting a longer short or potentional feature length horror film. It will be my first attempt at long form storytelling, and will hopefully combine elements of all of my artistic mediums, and feature some of my favorite artists as well. I can’t say much yet, but it is a haunting, it is a tragedy, and it is thoughtful.

You seem to have your hand in everything, music movies photography, which one do you enjoy more or like best and why?

Photography is definitely the quickest and easiest gratification, as it is the simplest medium to create in, but nothing is more satisfying that creating a powerful scene in film. I create to tell a story that means something, and there is no better feeling after the hours of energy than to see someone “get it” and react as anticipated. I love film. I love filming. I love giving people films they can enjoy and take something away from.

If you could work with anyone who would it be?

As previously mentioned, I’d absolutely love to see Akira Yamoaka writing music for a story I’ve created. There are dozens of independent artists I’d love to collaborate with and share a little time in the spotlight with, but if I were to pick a “celebrity” or established artist, I would absolutely love to work with Juliet Landau, (likely best known for her portrayal of “Druscilla” on Buffy, The Vampire Slayer) as I will credit her as the first actor to instill the simultaneous fear, intrigue, and respect for women I cautiously live with to this very day.”

There many more exciting new features to come from this blooming artist and I recently viewed his short film Causality so be prepared for a article soon! With so much more to come I’m looking forward to writing up so much more about his dark music and vast array of other horrifically awesome talents and future projects.

Here are some sneak peak stills from the short film Causality

Want to see more from this future Horror Artist? Check out his instagram and facebook page!

Enjoy the sneak peek into his world with this short but beautifully done Aesthetic masterpiece-

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