No Escape- 6 Movies to “Capture” Your interest

One popular sub genre of horror is the category that is all about being held hostage or being captive in a unusual environment. Some are good and some are bad and some are so bad they are good but they are definitely enjoyable films. In this list I am including all films that have “captive and hunted” references or aspects to them regardless of situation. So please enjoy my top list of movies that capture you.

Wrong Turn Trilogy

For many people these movies were a hit and miss. It seems like everyone a few years ago became obsessed with the whole hillbilly cannibal aspect, although not exactly captive this movie always involves people being hunted and mutilated by inbred hillbillies. Many viewers claim the only good one was the first one but honestly I loved them all, yes it was a repeated storyline over and over but it was still enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the unique kills that were made and as you all know from my previous articles I love blood and gore and some of the kills in these films are definitely cringeworthy.


The first time I saw Hostile I immediately loved it. Eli Roth is one of my favorite directors and Quentin Tarantino never fails to amuse me in some form or another. The movie itself is one of those films that involve torture and obscure death scenes and as always lots of blood and screaming. I wont post any spoilers but it is a movie that is worth the watch and it won’t disappoint if you like counting down unique and different ways to kill.


SAW was one of the most popular films to come out of 2004 and everybody loved it. To explain these movies would probably take a whole other separate article. The movies are all about teaching a lesson and how far people are willing to go to survive and escape this near death experience that they are forced into unwillingly. Every movie involves people being captured and held hostage with the only way to escape is by making desolating choices. You choose to survive or not by making the ultimate sacrifice, whether it be through mutilation or or killing someone else to live. I enjoyed every one of these movies and they are so worth the watch if you have the stomach for it.


Being captive and getting revenge, that’s the whole demeanor of this film. Two girls tortured and captive seek revenge on those that hurt them. I loved this movie for so many reasons, the torture scenes were just the tip of the iceberg for this film and even when they literally flay someone alive you can’t help but cheer. Its a film about revenge in the perfect way and its worth a view.

House of a 1000 Corpses

I don’t know of one person who hasn’t seen or heard of this movie and its one of my utmost favorite films. House of a 1000 Corpses takes on the retro 80s film aspect mixed with modern day horror themes and mashes them together in one giant tirade of killing and torture. There are so many brilliant elements in this film that its hard to actually narrow it down to one. Its definitely one of those films that aren’t for everyone and I do know some people who can’t stomach it, even though in my opinion its alot tamer than some of the ones I have seen.

The Collection

These movies don’t get the credit they deserve. I thoroughly enjoyed both of them and the killer in these films is just menacing and intimidating. So many people don’t even know these movies exist and its such a shame because they are truly fantastic films. Both have unique and and vile kills and a man with a obsession for body parts. These two movies I watch at least once a month, they are two of my favorite lesser known films.

Although I am sure there are many more of these kinds of films I wanted to keep the list short seeing as how some of them are trilogy’s. The torture captive genre seems to be one of those areas that will never get old and I hope it never does. Films like this come out at least four times a year and I can’t wait for the next one. Who knows what it will be!

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