Is it the end? -A top list of Apocalyptic Movies to Enjoy

The world is in panic mode and right now many people are scrambling to avoid any and all contact with other human beings. One of my favorite genres of horror is the apocalyptic and zombie/ end of the world, genre of films. The apocalypse genre has recently become a huge part of the horror industry and I don’t think there is one person out there who can’t name at least three movies based on the apocalypse. So while were on the subject here is my apocalyptic list of epic proportions. Keep in mind it is a mix of zombie films, infected films, and films about pandemics and viruses. Its everything, so please enjoy!

The Crazies

One of my favorite films is The Crazies from 1973 and when I heard they were making a remake I was super hesitant to watch it. I am glad that I was wrong, the 2010 remake in my opinion was one of the best remakes of a horror film that I have seen in a very long time.

The Crazies focuses on a small town where a virus ends up being released nearby by a unstable plane crash. Unbeknownst to the small community it starts affecting its residence its very atrocious ways, turning normal people into “crazy” killers. The name of the movie is a basic description without the details, basically these people are like the infected from 28 Days Later but still have the ability to talk and although they aren’t cannibalistic they will use whatever they can to murder you senselessly. The Crazies is so well done that secretly enjoyed it more than the original and the first thing I loved was the effects of the people who are infected. They are truly terrifying and its one of those movies I suggest to everyone.

28 Days Later– Franchise

I couldn’t focus on just one of these films, the franchise actually consists of two movies a graphic novel and a slew of comic books. 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks later is from the brilliant mind of Danny Boyle and like most of his films they didn’t disappoint me. Lets just say its another film that I believe everyone should see. Cillian Murphy is also a magnificent actor and especially in this film. The Rage Virus, as mentioned above in the Crazies is the deadly and horrifying illness that the world has been contaminated with. Jim just happens to wake up in a hospital with no prior knowledge of it, and wakes up to a desolate and deserted streets of London. Or so it seems. I don’t want to give away to much in regards to this film especially if you haven’t seen it. And after all spoilers suck! All I can say is watch them you will love them!!

Quarantine– 2008

Imagine for a moment your a journalist following some firemen around as part of your story. Seems simple and exciting and fun right? Well not exactly, especially for the young woman in this found footage/ mockumentary film. Based off of the foreighn film called REC. This movie is one of the best films that are the found footage type. The fire department gets a call to a local apartment building and she decides to tag along which turns out to be a huge mistake. At first nothing seems out of the ordinary, but then things take a dark turn. What they come across is more of a infection than a virus, its almost like over mutated form of Rabies. Quarantine is one of my favorite films of this sort and even the original is an amazing film and its extremely well done and downright terrifying.

Contagion– 2011

Although not exactly your typical horror film I think right now we can all agree that the reality of pandemic is far worse than anything that says boo. The world has fallen into panic as a global pandemic is in effect and Contagion is basically the story of the fight for survival and the fight against a disease that spreads so easily just like the flu or a common cold. The reality of the situation for many of us is hitting exceptionally hard right now and not surprisingly the views of this film on local movie sites has gone up exponentially. The one aspect of the film that I found extremely interesting was the information that was given about how diseases and infections spread and the explanation of its range. It is a great movie and right now I know many people are probably enjoying it just as much as I did.

Resident Evil– 2002

Although I am not the hugest fan of the franchise itself I must say the first film is by far my favorite. Based off of the game with the same name Resident Evil followed a group of the Racoon City P.D. who’s job is to travel down into the Hive and contain the T. Virus. That is just a basic simple rundown of the story itself, I was excited and enjoyed the first film. However I was quite disappointing that it didn’t follow the games as much as it could have but the first film was creepy and I do have to admit that The Nemesis/ Tyrant was the best part of the film.

Cabin Fever– 2002

Eli Roth is one of my favorite writers and directors and Cabin Fever was one of the first films I ever saw of his and I loved it. Everything about it was enjoyable for me, the typical storyline goes from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds and I loved the gorey aspect of the disease and what it does to those it infects. After a unknown chemical is spilled nearby a group of friends end up coming in contact with a vile flesh eating disease that starts to slowly eat away at the body. Once again I don’t like spoilers so I wont be posting to much about the movie itself. We get to see it all and we get to witness what is the beginning of a terrible flesh eating virus that eventually gets leaked into the water system and from there we can only guess. There so many cringe worthy moments in Cabin Fever that I know that anyone who enjoys those ” ugh” moments would have a grand old time.

Carriers– 2009

Carriers focuses on the aftermath of a pandemic and the disease has already infected and killed most of the population. Its about the basic survival and the prevention and struggle to not become infected. A group of friends who follow a list of rules to survive end up coming in contact with a man and his young daughter who is infected. He is struggling to find a way to help her and even though its against everything they believe in and against everything that they struggled to avoid they pick them up and try to get them to safety to help them. The movie is honestly heartbreaking and I can imagine trying to protect and cure my child no matter what. Desperation and helplessness are so evident in this film that we can see what it involves to truly survive when we have no choice.

Dawn of the Dead– 2004

I love the original Dawn of the Dead, that is absolutely no secret to anyone who knows me. The remake although I thought it was more of a re-imagining, was exceptionally good. The zombies aren’t your usual run of the mill slow and brainless these have more aspects of the infected. They are fast and dangerous violent and extremely cannibalistic. The remake of Dawn of the Dead is one of my favorites by far, although quite different from the original I enjoyed it very much. There are many moments of “oh my god” in the film especially when it comes down too the line of children zombies being crossed. They even went as far as to turn a infant newborn into a zombie and by god I believe that is creepier than the adult ones. Dawn of the Dead is truly a rendition of what can happen when the world falls apart because of a zombie apocalypse. – Just a reminder to keep a eye out for my newer article coming up soon Dawn of the Dead VS. Dawn of the Dead

I am Legend– 2007

I am Legend is based off a 1954 novel The Last Man on Earth, written by Richard Matheson and the 1964 post- apocalyptic black and white horror film of the same name starring the ever formidable Vincent Price. Will Smith portrays a scientist who is immune to a man made virus that spread and has infected all the population. All that remains is him and his dog, I am Legend is a great film and there were so many moments where Will Smiths heartbreak and loneliness and so evident and clear that you cant help but feel his pain. Especially the one part, I wont give it away but you will know it the minute you see it. Not only does he have to survive alone but he also has to survive being hunted by the infected people surrounding him and of course the movie has that surprising twist. But I can’t find it in my heart to ruin this movie because I appreciate it to much. It was so well done and I can’t help but appreciate the aspect of it representing such a great film and a great book. Well done, well done.

Cloverfeild– 2008

Cloverfield is another one of my favorite films although it isn’t about disease or zombies per-say it is about worldwide panic when the world is attacked and destroyed by creatures that are alien to this world. Although it has two other films that followed and one more rumored to be coming out soon I must say this first one is by far the best out of them. It has the shaky camera, documentary type of appearance but also does it so well that even those who aren’t fans of those kinds of films admitted they enjoyed this one. Cloverfeild is all about survival when the world is being destroyed and attacked around you and trying to avoid the threat of invasion and devastation.

That brings me to the end of this list. Although not all of them are about pandemics I decided to stick to the end of the world in general. Some of my favorite films consist of this genre and I know many others do as well.

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