The Voice of Horror- The ominous whisper of Vincent Price

For many years even before my love for horror kicked into high gear, I was always fascinated with the inventor from Edward Scissor Hands. Why? At that age I wasn’t to sure and even to this very day I can’t answer that with absolute certainty. Now however I can say with every fiber of my little black horror loving heart that Vincent Price has a special place in my soul. So without further ado here is my special little memorial article to the one and only Vincent Price.

Vincent Price has been a wide array of movies, from House on Haunted Hill to the television series Science Fiction Theater. He has been the focus of hundreds of films and in every single one of them his character was always played to the full extent and best of his ability. With his charismatic demeanor and his ravishing good looks Vincent was the focus of many different films throughout the years.

I consider myself lucky to be able to look back and remember that he was still alive in my lifetime. Every part of me fell in love with him instantly and I couldn’t help but admire is tenacious attitude and his obsession with horror and the darkest parts of life. The fascinating thing about Vincent Price is that even though he loved the dark and dreary he still had it in him to give us light. Through his acting we witnessed the joy of darkness that I am sure he vied to achieve.

He loved the darkness and in that aspect was so perfect for many of his roles. I dont think there is one role of his that I didn’t enjoy and no matter what or how long he is gone I will always and forever love Vincent Price. From the lonely, genius inventor to the ravishing Dracula Vincent Price will and always will be a part of my heart and dark soul. He was born a man but died a horror icon and his voice will forever echo in my mind as “The Raven” Thank you Vincent Price for your many years of horror and for your haunting beautiful voice that will always be my guiding light.

Coming up soon, keep a eye out for my next article of Top Ten Vincent Price Films.

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