Beauty is pain – The Twisted Tale, Scarred

Every once in awhile I come across a film that triggers my love for indie horror films all over again. As a child I grew up watching movies such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre and later on Wrong Turn, and The Hills have Eyes, and of course many many other films of that particular genre. One of the most interesting aspects for me was when we see a movie based on a tale of some kind of sick tragedy turned into a legend and that legend coming back to haunt us. Scarred is just one of those tales and from the moment I popped it into my dvd player I instantly fell in love with it.

The story of the Kandie family is infamous and when it comes down to curiosity we as humans can sometimes step over the boundary of reason. The movie follows four models who go to do a photoshoot on the property where the Kandie family lived. Thinking nothing of it and finding it fascinating and probably thrill- ish they decide its a good idea to be there. Little do they know that the broken and abused and scarred beyond recognition thanks to his father and a razor blade, we meet Jonah Kandie. Jonah Kandie was supposed to be dead, but like all legends “some people think he is still alive” and unfortunately for these four beautiful girls the man who mutilates all things perfect decides that now is his time to shine.

I find it charming and delightful, the movie is full of vengeance filled mutilation and torture. It is a film that truly is bloody enjoyable and I commend Eddie Lengyel for the genius vision and the ability to induce what I call “cringe kills” and believe me I love them. I truly am becoming a fan of his and im hoping that maybe just maybe the legend of Jonah Kandie may continue. Because after all, legends never die.

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