A Terrifying Yuletide Terror- Mother Krampus 2- Slay Ride

If your anything like me you enjoy Christmas horror all throughout the year. I recently had the pleasure of viewing a movie written by Eddie Lengyel starring Roger Conners. Welcome to the twisted yuletide terror known as Mother Krampus 2 – Slay Ride.

One of the most enjoyable aspects for this movie in my opinion was the gore and twisted unique ways that the bad boys and girls die. It might seem twisted to some but that is what I look for in movies and this one didn’t fail to disappoint me at all!! Unique and bloody mutilations in horror films are always one of the most interesting aspects for me. I truly do enjoy taking kill points and trying to guess who is going to end up dead first. Eddie Lengyel wrote this story wonderfully and the effects are just absolutely great.

I consider myself very lucky because not only was i able to veiw this film but I was also able to converse with Eddie Lengyel himself but he was kind enough to send me two of his movies! I have to say that this movie tops the list of one of my favorite christmas films and I cant wait to recommend it to many others who love horror christmas tales. With the perfect amount of blood and killing it balances out perfectly with some rather chuckle moments for myself. I honestly must say I enjoyed this immensely and Im beyond grateful that I was given the chance to review it for Eddie Lengyel. I look forward to reviewing many more of his flicks.

Not only is the movie bloody great, but the acting is also damn good. I am lucky enough to even know one of them and believe me I truly enjoy his acting. Something about this film appeals to the holiday season and I can’t help but want to watch it again and again. Its definitely a new favorite of mine. It’s not everyday that I find a christmas horror film that I can watch everyday and still enjoy it throughout the year. That and I loved the whole creepy killer older woman type of movie that it is.

I consider myself lucky and I just want to give a huge shout-out to Eddie Lengyel and I look forward to more of your movies and I enjoy them alot. Your films are not just amusing they are gorily delightful. And I must say very well done!!

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