The Best of Comedic Horror-

In the modern era of cinema there are many sub genres of horror that we don’t even acknowledge or consider to be altogether “scary”. It seems to me every few months or at least once a year a modern aged parody of horror comes out to make us laugh and sometimes cringe at terrible effects, lowkey comedy or downright ridiculousness of situations we have seen portrayed in the original films. I myself love parody films or any kind of comedic horror. It seems like no matter how many times I watch the films and no matter how cheesy and ridiculous they are it never fails to make me laugh and shake my head. This article will be all about comedic horror parodies and which ones are my favorite and why this sub-genre of unintended horror is one of the best.

Although the first one isn’t so much funny as it is cheesy and full of blood and gore, my top favorite is Evil Dead 2. The first evil dead was great, a great horror, gore, monster film. Then the second one came out and it went from being scary to being hilarious. The whole first movie revolved around a group friends who decide that going to a cabin in the woods and reading from the Necronomicon is a great idea. Then they get possessed and kill each other and the movie is filled blood and gore and cheap effects but its still great and a little creepy. Then Evil Dead ll came out and the whole dynamic changed from creepy to just absurd with lame humor but Bruce Campbell delivered it so effortlessly and even in droll ridiculous moments he kept it together that I couldn’t help but snicker. I mean hey, he attaches a chainsaw to his arm and proceeds to slaughter his possessed friends with it. Then has two more people show up offering a new opportunity for more gore and humor. With his crazy laugh and infamous one liners everyone will be repeating “Groovy” and “Give me some sugar baby” for many more years.

These movies are both ridiculous and hilarious. I have issues trying to pick a favorite because each one has something that I find funny in it especially when they poke fun at the characters that are depicted in the actual horror films. The storyline is generally confusing and makes no sense but follows a few friends, Cindy, Brenda, Ray and Shorty. They make fun of so many horror films that naming them all is probably impossible but scary movie delivers laughs and also seriousness in a really unrealistic situation.

The main characters are generally always the same, where even after dying they return in the following movie with no explanation. So from Scream, The Exorcist, Saw, The Village, I know What You Did Last Summer and even some serious movies that aren’t horror like 8 mile and The matrix it will always be my favorite franchise of comedic horror forever.

As a child I watched this film over and over and over. The humor is of course dated but it still makes me laugh. Mel Brooks always writes the best parodies or comedies period. This film has the usual aspects and storyline of Frankenstein the original story but instead of being serious and sombre it makes every aspect of it just laughable. Frankenstein’s apprentice is dumb and Frankenstein as portrayed by Gene Wilder is just prismatic treats the creature like a child, my favorite was always the musical number on stage. Although it has dated humor the storyline and snickers are still well worth the watch and too this day I still love it.

Dracula, one of my all time favorite films is made fun of to no end in this hilarious movie. Another film by Mel Brooks that strikes again its one of the favorites and I still watch it and it still makes me laugh to this very day. Leslie Nielsen plays Dracula, Mel Brooks is Van Helsing and Amy Yasbeck is Mina and the movie delivers non stop laughs and amusement. There are so many little details that make this film great, the bat with a human face.

Also the non stop blood splatter (which was completely unexpected by the way), and of course the funniest dialogue that I have seen in a movie in a very long time make this film so great and a classic in its own way.

When I first seen the preview of this film I was so excited. As an avid zombie film enthusiast I couldn’t wait to see what this was all about. Although it doesn’t follow the Dawn of the Dead storyline with the mall it was such a humorous take on the whole zombie genre that I loved it regardless. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost portray Shaun and Ed, two friends who end up stuck in a world over run with flesh eating zombies.

The whole cast in the film do such a great job at being serious yet funny that you really can’t help but love it. Even the effects in the film are pretty decent for slapstick film and if you haven’t seen it you absolutely need too.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are genius at their comedy and I was so impressed with this film and what it had to offer to a horror fan like me. Especially since there are zombies roaming around and there is still plenty of blood and guts for everyone. Shaun of the Dead is one of those films that honestly never gets old and the humor never fails to make you laugh. Having a bad day, turn on Shaun of the Dead and watch people get eaten. After all for someone like me I live to see gorey parts of all movies.

Zombieland is just a all around awesome movie. It has moments of comedy but yet moments or ridiculous seriousness where its SO serious that it is funny. With a great cast and wonderful effects Zombieland is one of my favorite comedic horror movies. Every once in awhile a great horror comedy comes around and it was about time that one did and every moment of it is amusing and well acted. Emma Stone is magnificent as always and I mean come on who doesn’t love Woody Harrelson right also alongside for the ride is Abigail Breslin and Jesse Eisenberg. There aren’t to many zombie comedies and this is one I truly recommend.

This is one of those movies where it totally isn’t what you think it is. There were so many times that I went “jesus christ those poor guys”. Its dark and comedic and its incredibly not what you think it is. In the beginning you assume oh look killer rednecks right? That was my initial thought too, but no spoilers ahead all I am going to say is that you have to watch this movie to know what I mean.

This is movie is one of my ultimate favorites in Horror Comedy and right along with its predecessors. Evil Dead 2 left us off with our beloved Ash being sucked into a vortex of ..well to be quite honest we didn’t know what the hell was going on. Then low and behold to feed our fantasies about what could have possibly happened to Ash this came falling into our laps like Ashes car falling from the sky. How lovely to use that analogy. Army of Darkness takes right back into the medieval times and just like the other movies its all about the Deadites and their determination to kill us all and swallow our souls. With tons more fight scenes and so corny that there good effects Army of Darkness is just so bad its great.

And not to forget the amazing one liners that come from Bruce Campbell. I know from the moment that I saw this movie I loved him as Ash. Another case of so bad its good, and over acted to the point where its supposed to be bad and that is what makes it good or great. I dont think I have mett one person who doesn’t enjoy the cornyness of this movie and the dark humor that is supposed to be serious.

Underrated and hilarious What We Do In The Shadows has a completely new take on comedic horror. This found footage/ documentary type of movie is set in modern day times and you cant help but think “if vampires were real this is probably how they would be.” Following four vampire friends who live as flat mates and try to adjust to the modern day lifestyles and keeping up with the dishes and usual household chores. Although the movie itself seems low budget the general effects in a couple parts are what make the movie great especially the general conflicts that happen when another vampire and his human friend join the ranks. Its a new hilarious take on vampires and even addresses some of the ridiculous aspects of modern day vampire films. What We Do In The Shadows became a huge hit with some people and I am one of them. It even got a spinoff television series that is just as great as the film.

As a child I think everyone who was born in the late early and late 80’s knows about the Beetlejuice cartoon. It was hilarious and just a reality trip filled with adventures between a dead man and a goth girl named Lydia. I was a little bit older when the movie came out and I was beyond excited and I still remember watching it on t.v for Halloween and even after that I would watch at least twice, maybe three times a month. I simply loved this movie for so many reasons. Not only did it have a terrific cast of characters but the actors who played them did magnificently well and no one could ever replace Micheal Keaton as Beetlejuice. The movie itself is filled with kid like wonder, dark humor and so many hidden adult content that watching it as a adult I find something new every single time. It is dark, it is funny and I highly recommend that you watch it if you haven’t already.

Who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters! ” As children I think we all loved Ghostbusters, the movie was full of ghosts and really cool technology to help fight the bad guys. As adults we came across the dark humor and the completely wrong adult situations that the movie has. Either way its a fantastic film and I remember loving it, something about it was fresh and new and although the acting and demeanor was supposed to be serious I couldn’t help but laugh at Lewis turning into a dog or Slimer. As kids we all loved Slimer and I remember having toys of him everywhere. Ghostbusters was a great film and was completely different from any other funny ghost film of its time. It was for kids but yet was for adults, it was something that both could equally enjoy and to this very day it still is.

We all love horror and we all love comedy and for those of us who love Horror Comedy there is a wide range of films to choose from to make us laugh and scream. What films did I miss? What films do you enjoy the most?

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