30 Years of Tremors

One of the best B movie films to hit the shelves turns 30! Tremors the 1990s hit creature feature turns 30 years old and we can’t help but celebrate and relive the adventures of Val and Earl. To this very day I still watch the film with enjoyment and amusement. Its corny but damn the monster effects are pretty decent.

Not so much scary as it was humorous Tremors takes you to a small town where the citizens fight for their lives when they realize that there is something underground attempting to kill them off one by one. Trying to ban together and figure out how these creatures work they come across a woman who has been studying the “tremors” in the town. From there on its just a tyraid of amusing yet still gripping antics.

Eventually the monsters become known as Graboids and now its all about survival but how can you hide from something that hunts you from underground and tracks you by sound? Well that is the whole problem so now what? Well you will just have to watch and find out! Tremors is a one in a million creature feature and although it is often corny it is still a great and amusing with a terrific cast that includes Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward and Micheal Gross and even Reba McEntire. Its unique its different and it is a priceless film.

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