A Decade of Horror to give us nightmares-2010 to 2019

Another decade has come and passed and with it a whole catalog of horror films. Going through the list of my favorite horror films for the decade was tough because there are so many that came out that I enjoyed for one reason or another. So I compiled a list of my favorite horror films from 2010 to 2019.

I enjoyed the original film exceptionally over any other older horror film and when the remake came out I was excited as anyone could be. It didn’t disappoint me either with a terrific cast of Timothy Olyphant, and Radha Mitchell, it didn’t loose sight of the original while still being modern. The 2010 remake goes into a little bit more detail when it comes to “The crazies” and the effects of the infected like monsters are creepy seeing as how they aren’t completely devoid of human concepts. Its a great film and I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it, especially if you did enjoy the old one. Its worth it.

I am a huge fan of movies about Exorcism and it doesn’t matter how bad they are I love them. The Last Exorcism although it doesn’t get great reviews I love it. And the cast isn’t all that well known either which is something I always enjoy as well. Non famous actors and actresses working the camera to make a great horror film in my opinion makes it ten times better. It follows a priest headed into the rural countryside allowing a camera crew to record a exorcism he does. Which is pretty basic for most of these films, but honestly something about these films creeps me out and I cant even explain why. It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t good but it was definitely enjoyable and for me that is enough to watch it, that and I love films by Eli Roth.

I remember the sneak peek for this movie and how excited I was. Everyone seemed to be talking about it and I couldn’t wait to see it. In all honesty I thought it was great until the ending, that was my only issue with the movie. It was creepy and enjoyable but it had a awkward ending. But other than that Insidious is a movie that is worth the watch.

Everyone knows that I have a love for paranormal films and Grave Encounters is one of my favorites. Its your typical run of the mill found footage film following a group of paranormal investigators who end up becoming trapped in a haunted building tortured by entities. Although its not very unique considering the amount of found footage horror films there are out there I loved it.

The movie Quarantine was great and when this second one came out I was hesitant to watch it because needless to say there wasn’t to many positive reviews. In all honesty after viewing it I realized it was pretty decent considering its a sequel. It follows the same aspect just with different characters in a different location. Although you can tell the budget for the film was definitely not as much as the first it was done to the best of all their abilities and you can tell they all put in the best effort they could. Its worth a watch and if you enjoyed the first one the second one isn’t a bad view either.

The aspect of Cabin In the Woods excited me from the very beginning . It was full of random monsters and scary supernatural aspects that I so heartily crave with my movies. I loved it, from the random uniqueness of the different realities that were presented it was a movie that I could dig my claws into. The only problem I have was the ending but again that still doesn’t take away from the cool aspects of the film itself, kind of makes me wonder what would happen if something like this did happen…. dont know what I am talking about? Give it a watch and find out.

From the moment I seen the poster I knew I would love this movie for so many reasons and I was right. This movie is a anthology of corny films being viewed in a drive in movie theater. It had everything I love most, from zombies to monsters and teens being overemotional and angsty, the movie was corny and its hard for me to even properly describe what is great about it because its one of those movies that you have to watch and find out.

This film is one of those films that seems almost anthology based but yet is found footage situated. Although sometimes executed poorly it has many inventive scares and uniquely written stories. It also has a tyraid of sequels that came out in the following years and they got better with execution and even though this first one was kind of wavering it is still entertaining with many pleasurable scares. View it if you dare…..

Not only does Chernobyl Diaries feed my love for found footage but it also gravitates towards my obsession with abandoned cities and towns. I think I love this film so much because its about Chernobyl itself and that I found was the coolest aspect of the film. By now, for me at least found footage movies were becoming overdone and tedious and kind of predictable. Chernobyl Diaries is the exception to that rule, everything about it was creepy. The depiction of the city the unseen horrors that torture the characters and the nagging thought that, what if? Is it possible? Could it be true? Its one of those films that are based on a real place that make you question if it is actually plausible and you realize that it could be!

The ABCs Of Death is a brilliant film and it is one that I recommend to any horror/gore lover. It is bloody, it is bloody is beautifully macabre and it is filled with so many different ways to die that it will make you say “wow…” I enjoyed this film beyond belief, although it is a hit and miss with some it was a hit with me. I mean who doesn’t love a film filled with blood, gore and unique deaths? Im pretty sure any worthy horror adversary would agree ABC’s of death is worth watching.

Following its predecessor The Collector, The Collection is just as great and is even more intricate. The first film was low budget and I dont think they expected it to be as popular with the horror community as it was. When I heard there was a part 2 I was beyond excited and I couldn’t wait to see it and let me tell you it didn’t disappoint me. With the return of characters and survival of others the Collector himself is still as terrifying and abominable as ever before, with even more torture aspects. I suggest everyone watch it!

The minute that the trailer hit theaters and rumors spread of a movie based on Lorraine and Ed Warren not only was the horror community interested but the paranormal community was stoked. The Conjuring film is based on one of the cases Ed and Lorraine Warren did with the Perron family, I enjoyed this film immensely even though garunteed some of it is exaggerated no doubt it was enjoyable and I know so many people who enjoyed it for what it was. A great horror film with enticing characters and a well written storyline.

I am a huge fan of the original Evil Dead and I must admit that when I first heard they were going to be making a literal “remake” I was terrified. The old one was loved by so many horror fanatics and critics alike that the very thought of someone trying to remake a classic just annoyed me but as usual because its what I do I gave it a chance. I wasn’t disappointed either, although I love the original and nothing will ever take its place in my dark heart I must admit I truly enjoyed this film. There was so much blood it made me happy as hell and so many cringe worthy moments that I couldn’t help but go YES! And true to the horror world they gave many hat tips to the original and I respected that so much. For a literal remake its fantastic and in my opinion I think it was done well.

The first film was good but number 2 is definitely better. With even more stories and messed up situations its a sequel that you have to see it is worth it. Its hard to explain a anthology of films as intricate as this movie can be, the best thing you can do is view it and decide for yourself.

Alien movies normally aren’t my thing and I find it often times very hard to not find attempts at alien invasion films kind of ridiculous. However, there are a few choice films that I do like. Dark Skies is one of those films, to be honest I cant pinpoint why exactly I like it. To me it didn’t border on the ridiculous aspects of invasion and focused more on the family and what not knowing the unknown was doing to them in their home and to their children. There are few Alien films I like and this is one of them that I do.

Who doesn’t love possible reality based horror? I do, and that is what drew me to The Purge. The possibility that it could happen is what made this film so entrancing to me, a world with no violence but one night of ultimate revenge for anyone your pissed off at? How many people would take advantage of that? Makes you wonder about how far humanity can fall before ultimate revenge becomes a one night legal event where you can go out and maim and kill whoever you want however you want?

Based on the famous story of the Dyotlav Pass Incident this film follows a trio of new hikers who hike into the Ural Mountains in Russia to try and solve the infamous mystery of what exactly happened too Igor Dyatlov and the eight other hikers that mysteriously died there. The ending is a epic twist and of course it feeds my love for reality based horror and mysterious aspects of unknown deaths.

For some people movies like Cannibal Holocaust and Green Inferno aren’t liked for many reasons. But for me, I love them. The Green Inferno was a well done film and to be honest just like Cannibal Holocaust it has some kind of strange appeal to it, almost to the point where its a warning and you have to question if this stuff has actually happened. If you don’t have a strong stomach and don’t like seeing torture don’t watch it. Its a great film but many people have limits to their horror but if your like me, then you will enjoy it immensely.

Although I don’t find films based on boogeymen scary I did enjoy this film. Not so much scary but I loved the legend aspect of it and I love the stories of The Babadook and I try to see the movie as just another story to tell, was it amazing no. Was it bad definitely not. Just sit back and enjoy another legend being told about a monster we all want to fear.

I love this film so much. The story is so well written and the characters are so intricate and enticing. I love horror films about exorcism etc and this is one of those films that honestly makes me question everything around me and has so many dark aspects that I have trouble not believing that its real. The aura to the movie is one that has to be appreciated because it was so well captured that I often times find myself comparing movies to this one and wishing that the person who directed this one had, had his hand in some other films that tried without succeeding to have the same atmospheric tension as this one did.

Following the first movie ABC’s of Death 2 has the same scenarios as the first one but yet all different new unique ways to die. With more blood and gore just like the movie before. It is just as good and just as pleasing to watch, if you have seen the first one you have to watch the second one.

Following The Conjuring and its major success and the small snippet of the Annabelle doll in the movie people became obsessed with the story. So as per usual Hollywood made a movie, although I dont find it scary the story is well written and I do admit that they made that doll look creepy as hell. Its a fun watch and if you enjoy possession stories and stories of haunted items then this movie is a must watch for you.

The Witch was a huge hit and miss with many horror movie critics. I enjoyed it because of its atmospheric tension and it was filmed incredibly well, focusing on the 17th century zealotry and the hysteria that can overcome any human emotion but yet still had a touch of the supernatural where you have to question if it is supernatural at all or just humans doing what we do best. Judgement and condemnation.

Revenge movies are sometimes so great that you just can’t help but love them. Martyrs is one of those movies for me, the movie although hard to watch in some parts is one of my favorite revenge films. The idea of two girls getting revenge on people who tortured and raped and harmed them immensely for some reason seems quite appealing to me. The acting is well done and the art of torture is well versed and well deserved and well filmed. All I can say is well done.

Foreign films have so much to offer and this film is one of them. It is intense it is nerve tingling and it has great effects. Full of infected zombie like people its attempting to survive in a crumbling infected world . It is one of the greatest movies based on the infected i have seen in awhile it is definitely up there on my list.

The storyline is pretty easy to follow but the intricate details in the movie about the death of Jane Doe is simply amazing. I loved this movie for so many reasons, the acting is great and the mysterious death of Jane Doe is absolutely compelling to me and from the moment I put it on to the vile conclusion I was hooked.

With the mad success of the first film The Conjuring 2 came out focusing on yet another case of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Just like the first one it is paranormal based and although incredibly exaggerated it is good for what it was. A horror film. As usual the acting was well done and the visual effects were great. All in all its a great film and left even more room open for more sequels and spin offs in the future.

The long awaited remake of the infamous IT film written by Stephen King dissapointed some and impressed others. For me I thought it was great, Bill Skarsgard was amazing in his role and he gave it his all. For what it was it was a great film we all know Tim Curry can’t ever be replaced but you have to admit that the movie for a remake was actually decent and because of that I appreciate it even more than before. IT fans everywhere were either impressed or angry at the film for not delivering what they thought of as Pennywise, rightly so but you can still like a remake and love the original. Tim Curry will always be the best but Bill did extremely well.

Although I love this film the first time I seen it, it messed with my head so bad. I can’t even describe exactly what it is that makes this film so hard to watch for some people because it seems like its always different reasons. It has a clammy and creepy atmospheric pressure that weighs on you and makes you invested in the story and you can’t help but ask so many questions about the family and their “inheritance” creepy and cryptic you can’t help but want to know what those secrets are.

Intense and heart racing I loved A Quiet Place. In a world world where silence is crucial for survival we all couldn’t help but imagine and fear that scenario. This movie is intense and honestly I dont have anything bad to say about it, the acting is well done and the storyline is well written with no ridiculous twists and turns. A Quiet Place is the perfect movie to view if you enjoy movies that are built on silence and intensity and survival.

Based on Dario Argento’s 1977 horror masterpiece the remake of Suspiria is one o f the remakes I cant help but appreciate for the effort. Although Argento’s original had the darkness splashed with red atmosphere this movie seemed to take a different route and although had some aspects of the original had less darkness and focused more on the red. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t the best that could have been done, its enjoyable and visually pleasing and as per usual quite the gore show.

Movies about survival in strange circumstances seems to absolutely enthrall modern day society just about as much as apocolyptic films do. Bird Box is a film that made me nervous as heck. You can’t help but imagine that scenario, if you see the form that killed half the population you die. So your only chance of survival is to not “see” this movie kept me on edge and to be honest its one of my favorites. Its intense, well written and well acted.

In a world of spin-offs not to long after Annabelle there came The Nun. Based on the demon introduced in the second movie. Although not many critics had good things to say the movie itself was entertaining and it was a good watch with some much anticipated jump scares that movies of this calabre seem to thrive on. The Nun herself was freaky looking and I must say she is a thing of nightmares and they did well on making the story scary and effective.

This decade has been filled with many different horror films some good some not so good but either way they are all amusing and have something to offer in the aspect of horror. Now that, that decade has come and gone I cant help but be excited for the future of horror and im anxious to see what else the coming years has to bring to the table. Did I miss some films that you enjoy? Which ones did you enjoy most?

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