King of the Pop!


Funko Pops. I’m sure you’re familiar with the name. The collectible, licensed pop culture characters that come as bobbleheads and vinyl figures. Although my obsession is dwindling somewhat, I might have to admit that I have an addiction to collecting Funko Pops. I am surrounded, in my living room, by numerous characters staring out of boxes with their beady, black eyes. As a Pop collector, I’m a stickler for leaving the characters in their boxes, especially if it’s a special one to me.

Stephen King, the master of suspense, thrillers, and horror, is getting two distinct Funko Pop figures! The first version is of a dapper-looking, King holding a book to his chest, while the other one is of a bloody, King holding an ax and a book. You can pick up the first figure in February 2020. The bloodier and more exciting version (in my opinion) will be exclusively at Barnes and Noble. No specific release date on that yet.

Whenever someone sees my eclectic Pop collection for the first time, I am usually met with a resounding, “Wow”. Some of my beloved include Elvira, Maleficent, The Crow, Hannibal Lecter (both the movie and television one) and Captain Spaulding (R.I.P Sid Haig). I also have several Loki Pops, however, my favorite of the bunch is the frost giant, glow in the dark, bobblehead Fugitive Toys exclusive, Loki. I found him for sale at a Toronto comic-con. I was ecstatic to add him to my evergrowing collection of the God of Mischief.

I’m going to have to clear off space in the new year for my new Stephen King Pop. I think the writer of such amazing work as, Misery, Firestarter, Carrie, The Stand, It, Shawshank Redemption and countless others deserve to be memorialized as part of the pop-culture collective. What do you guys think though? Does the esteemed writer deserve a Pop figure?


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