Confessions of a Horror-Aholic: Scary Basement Media welcomes Femme13fatale

The bloody allure of the horror movie started when I was a kid. I would rent horror movies every weekend, fascinated by the gory special effects. My reading material included, Fangoria and Gorezone magazines. I was the kid the other children turned to when they had a horror-related question. I wanted to either be in a horror movie (I would practice my anguished screams to the chagrin of my parents) or horror effects master like Tom Savini or Greg Nicotero (to name just a couple in a talented pool of people). But alas, acting withered on the vine after high school and I’m not artistically inclined like the pros are. Instead, I’ve been a loyal viewer and rabid consumer of everything horror over the years.

freddy krueger, horror movies, robert englund

My first horror love was, Freddy Krueger. I had a replica glove, sweatshirt, posters hanged of his smiling, burned face against a girly, pink backdrop that was my room. A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2, quickly became one of my favourite movies. I loved Robert Englund’s portrayal of this “dream” man. I was finally able to procure a Freddy doll whilst I was in Florida in my early twenties. I was elated…and with that, my horror doll collection grew.

I have many dolls and figures related to horror. I have so many – I don’t have room to display them all. They hibernate in boxes for now. I own the talking Chucky and Tiffany dolls from Bride of Chucky, Cryptkeeper, Ghostface from Scream, Blade from Puppetmaster, Baby and Otis from, The Devil’s Rejects, Annabelle, Walking Dead figures and so much more.

the walking dead, alpha, toy, zombie

I have lived and breathed the horror genre all of my life, even writing my own short stories. I remember one story I wrote in Grade 9. It was entitled, The Midnight Runner and it was heavily influenced by the movie, Halloween. My English teacher gave me an A+, however, he cited that it was, “most compelling, but a little too violent”. I was thrilled and found that to be a ringing endorsement.

Horror movies over the years have waned in popularity, but have also experienced great resurgences as well. I encourage anyone to give the horror genre a try. There are numerous sub-categories under the umbrella of horror that you can choose to watch or read. Besides, if you have any horror questions…you can always ask me.

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