October Horror Fest pt 2- Whats Your Favorite Scary Movie? A Halloween must see favorite-Scream 1,2,3

Every Halloween everyone has a list of their favorite movies that they will tune into. Sometimes they range from cartoons to horror slasher flicks. My favorite movies to watch in the month of October was the first three original Scream movies. There were a few more to follow but the first three are my favorites out of the trilogy and the ones that I relate to the Halloween. The first movie was released in 1996 by Wes Craven and it kicked a whole new genre into high gear and everyone became obsessed with the concept of slasher flicks.

The first movie followed a series of characters being stalked by “ghostface”. It would all start with a phone call and what followed was usually a bloodbath. Scream has so many aspects of nostalgia for me that I cant help but watch it and fall in love with it all over again. Neve Campbell is perfect as Sydney Prescott, a teenager pushed to her limit by the murder of her mother and the strange events in which it occurred. And of course there is always the sexual frustration, and teen angst that comes with high school and drama between friends etc. Sydney and her friends try to unravel the mystery of the strange murder of a classmate and end up getting caught in a game of cat and mouse with the killer. Its not so much scary as it is engaging and of course I love Wes Craven so the kill count is something that amused me the most.

Of course Sydney ends up loosing almost all her friends and learning the hard way that you cant trust anyone. Its one of my favorites and I fell in love with Ghostface instantly. He was unique for the time and the ways in which he killed his victims and what led up too it was incredibly creepy and unique. Its been copied in many movies and even made fun of in numerous parodies but Scream planted a seed and it grew into something amazing. The season of slasher flicks.

Scream 2 came out in 1997 and I was instantly hooked. When I look back at Scream 2 I still find myself impressed. These days many sequels and prequels set you up for severe disappointment, Scream 2 however was not one of those films for me. The continuing storyline didn’t disappoint and by the end I realized that I had enjoyed it just as much as the first one leaving room for more than one film. Scream 2 brought in more characters and tied them all together in one giant intricate mystery full of more stabs blood and creepy phonecalls. The ending of course seemed final and concluded but I was even more excited when i learned that they were going to be making a third movie.

Why these movies stick out in my mind every halloween season is still a mystery to me. I get a nostalgic warm fuzzy feeling whenever I watch them and the leaves are changing outside. The third movie has the same air and mystery with tons more interesting kills and of course the ominous phone call and ever so famous ghostly voice saying “Whats your favorite scary movie?” I love it and even though many many people complain about the continuing storyline made years later I still find that its a good series but the first three are still my ultimate favorite to watch especially during this spooky season.

So all in all, with all things considered Scream 1.2,3 are my second in my list of Halloween favorites. I don’t know if its the mask or the “ghost” aspect to these films but I find them to be one of the most amusing yet cringeworthy trio of films to view on Halloween. They are enjoyable and I suggest everyone give them a watch at least once during October. So if the phone rings don’t answer the call, just click ignore because after all “Whats your favorite scary movie?” Is now the token call of a crazy serial killer. So grab some popcorn sit back and watch.

What could be next in the line of best films to watch during this Halloween season? Let me know in the comments what your favorites are.

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