‘Hellarious’ horror/comedy anthology coming soon

I love horror and I love comedy. When you mix the two together, you can get something really special. Just announced today, Jason Tostevin has put together an anthology of horror/comedy short films titled, “Hellarious” and will be distributed by Filmspawn.

“Hellarious is the perfect movie to celebrate the Halloween season. There are scary stories, eww moments that will make you squirm, and even some weirdly sweet moments. And of course, they’re all absolutely hysterical.” – anthology creator Jason Tostevin

The movie will include plenty of short films by some amazing filmmakers!

  • Lunch Ladies” by Clarissa Jacobson & J.M. Logan
  • Death Metal” by Chris McInroy
  • Horrific” by Robert Boocheck
  • Bitten” by Sarah K. Reimer
  • Born Again” and “‘Til Death” by Tostevin & Randall Greenland
  • Killer Kart” by James Feeney

“We’re so proud to help present this one-of-a-kind project. These are iconic shorts people have been hearing they have to see, but couldn’t find. Now, for the first time ever, you can see them all in one place.”- Filmspawn founder Chris Ethridge

We here at Scary Basement Media haven’t been lucky enough to screen the film but I am SUPER excited and plan to preorder it. You can preorder one yourself by ordering from Horror Pack and grab the sick t-shirt too! Preorders are expected to ship September 17th, 2019. Also, if you preorder the movie, you’ll snag a copy of the short film, A Very Important Short Film by Shayna Weber.  If you have to wait, the VOD will be available in November but don’t wait and make sure you preorder yours soon!

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