The Children of the Night and the movies they make- Part 1

I decided to write this article due to my love for the vampire genre. From what they were in the past to what they have developed into, there have been some amazing movies put out and many more to come. In Part one I will be talking about and discussing the best movies of the past, older movies have that have almost passed to fog. So I give to you, the children of the  night and the movies they make Part 1.

                                                                    Nosferatu- 1922


I start with the most obvious for obvious reasons. In 1922 this movie was a cinematic miracle, from its eerie visuals to its black and white ambiance Nosferatu is a visually astounding film. Max Schreck does a somber rendition of Count Orlok and he does it beautifully. This movie is one rendition of the Dracula story that to this very day still kind of creeps me out, Count Orlok isn’t your typical Dracula type either and from what I have come to understand Nosferatu is now a stand alone category of vampire. The story is quite similar to that of Bram Stokers Dracula but that doesn’t take away from the perception that they intended to get across and they did it well. For a old movie it is still incredibly creepy and enjoyable.

                                                                Dracula- 1931 


Dracula starring Bela Lugosi is a very similar story to Nosferatu and the book that kicked it into gear to begin with. Bela Lugosi is brilliant in this role and I cant even begin to describe how convincing and how well he portrays Dracula. Bela Lugosi is known for his on camera intensity and it shows.

The story line is similar to Nosferatu, Dracula is buying land in London and he basically goes there and sups on the women only to be defeated by Van Helsing. So it is the usual story but it is done so drastically and dramatically and eerily that it is like hearing it all over again. Its always such a pleasure watching these old black and white films that its so hard to say anything bad about them because of course they didn’t have computer effects. It was all done by idea vision and lighting etc. So much artistic vision and appreciation goes into this film and it is one of the films I will always look up to for inspiration.

                                           Horror of  Dracula- 1958


Another rendition of the infamous story came in 1958, when the legendary Christopher Lee took on the role of Dracula. The story is similar except its with Van Helsing searching for Harker who finds him alive and comes to the frightening revelation that his next victim is Harkers fiance Lucy. Yes names changed as they often did in these movies. Christopher Lee shows a complete other side to Dracula, one that I found less frightening but more fascinating. The effects were a little better, makeup wise etc. Honestly its one of my favorites and I will probably watch it many more times.

                                               Dracula- Prince of Darkness


Christopher Lee reprises his role as Dracula once again only this time its about a small group of tourists who are lured to his castle. There isn’t to much to say other than that, its amusing, its interesting, its typical but so enjoyable that you give it a pass. And as usual Christopher Lee as he always did rocked the role of Dracula. Christopher Lee went on to play Dracula many many more times in a number of other Dracula movies. Such as the Satanic Rites of Dracula, and Dracula has Risen from the Grave. All of them are good for a number reasons, and all of them have some strange appeal.

 Dracula- Has Risen From the Grave and The Satanic Rites of Dracula

Christopher Lee became a quick vampire icon and to this day many people say over and over that he is their favorite depiction. For  me its harder than that, I could never choose a favorite, but he is one of my favorites.

                                                         Nosferatu- The Vampyr-1979

maxresdefault (1)

Nosferatu The Vampyre is honestly, though it isn’t as dark as the original this is one of my top favorite films. Dracula has been done over and over but this was the first time I seen a different take on Nosferatu himself. The storyline was similar to the old one with a couple minor differences and I found myself in love with the visualistic color yet darkness.

Something about it just screamed somber and in this one Klaus Kinski was amazing, although the original was amazing Klaus did a great job and captured the utter vileness and creepy aspect of Count Orlok… who is named Dracula in this one.  This one I find has more emotional depth as it delves into his despair about being immortal and never being able to die.

That concludes part one of my list, more older films than newer ones. Part two comes next. What movies would add? 

Coming Soon..To be Continued in Part 2 – Love Never Dies 

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