[Horror Short] Casting Couch: A Hollywood Horror Short

Just in time for Women in Horror Month, here comes a wickedly satisfying short produced by SiniSisters Productions. At a runtime of just under 11 minutes, this tale will have you grinning with righteous satisfaction as the pervy casting director archetype is fiercely destroyed.

Milly Sanders and Jessee Foudray, co-creators of SiniSisters, star in this feminist gem as “aspiring Hollywood hopefuls” reading for ‘woke nice guy’ casting director who naturally turns out to be anything but. Although comedic with a kitschy twist, Casting Couch has a very real, very clear message: Time’s Up.

This short stand to avenge decades of systemic abuse through wit and humor that ultimately ends with sweet, bloody retribution for these past unacceptable norms. Casting Couch, a literal metaphor brought to life, makes a strong comment on empowerment and is a perfect ‘f*** you’ to the generations of power (and flesh) hungry Hollywood perverts.

Casting Couch: A Hollywood Horror Short is a clash of horror and humor that holds a powerful message: things can change when we empower each other… and it doesn’t hurt to dose yourself with “snail poison”, just in case. Check out the short below and let us know what you think! Share with your friends! 

Casting Couch stars Milly Sanders, Jessee Foudray, and David Stanbra. It was directed by Matt Thiesen and Justin Lee. It was written by Milly Sanders.

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