‘The Predator’ short film makes us nostalgic for Blockbuster Friday nights

I was browsing Reddit, like I always do and wasting too much time doing it, when I found this really rad short film/music video from director Zach Daulton. The video, with music by Superdivorce, harkens back to the days of ordering pizza delivery and watching movies I probably shouldn’t have been watching at a young age. But hey, if I didn’t watch those movies I wouldn’t be the horror and genre loving film nerd I am today. If you love creature features and movies like Escape from New York, you are going to love this fun video. Zack made the short in the house his grandmother left him after she passed away. Heres a little backstory on that…

“When my grandma (and one of my best friends) died in 2017, she left us her house. She was a hoarder and smoked like a chimney since she was 16. This is the house that her dad built and she lived in it for probably 40 years since she bought it. We spent a long time cleaning out her house. Not really sure what to do with it because it isn’t ready to sell, I hijacked it and filmed a monster movie music video in there! All her years of neglect and smoking made art direction easy for us. All we had to do was rearrange a couple things in there and fill the bedrooms with stuff. I think it turned out great! Would love to answer any questions if you have any.” – Zack Daulton via Reddit

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 9.31.34 PM.png

Zack and his cinematographer, Micah Simms, used 24mm, 35mm, and 50mmCanon CN-E lenses along with a Red Weapon 8k (for those unaware, this is one bad ass camera) for the photography. Check out the video below and share with your vhs and pizza loving friends!

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