Lebron James’ is getting into the horror movie biz

lebron james, basketball, jason voorhees, horror movies, friday the 13th
Photo credit Nu Origins Magazine

Well we have some great news from the Twilight Zone. The every impressive Lebron James is getting into the horror business. The news broke over at Bloody Disgusting that James’ production company, Springhill Entertainment, is in talks with Vertigo Entertainment to reboot the highly successful horror franchise. James has recently moved to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers and focus on his before mentioned production company. Over the years, James has expressed his love for the franchise in many ways. Including realizing Friday the 13th styled basketball shoes! Now that legal issues between Sean S. Cunningham and Victor Miller has completed (pending an appeal by Horror Inc.) Miller has retained the rights. Are you excited for this? I know I’ll take a new sequel however I can get it. With he success of the latest Halloween movie by Blumhouse, it’s pretty much a given that the slasher is FINALLY making a comeback.

Friday the 13th, lebron james, reboot

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