The Demonic Tapes,Will Leave Some Scared Sheet-less


Look what we found here in the basement. A low budget horror by Richard Mansfield based on true events, that allow the main character to not even embrace his own name because, there’s hardly any interaction outside of our own imaginations of demons lurking under the bed sheets.

Now most introductions that contain a description of an antagonist using bed sheets to scare us is down right funny but, this movie is quite effective while working with very little but, allowing your imagination to run demonic.

When a tenant (Darren Munn) is left alone with only a black cat to keep him company or, so we think at first on Christmas break it makes sense he’d be in the basement looking for the tree and decorations. He also happens to come across an old dictaphone with a bunch of microcassettes. Turns out to be from a medium who was helping the then tenant David with some spirits he was encountering.

Now I don’t know about you guys but, if my curiosity got the best of me I’d make sure to invite over more company with the same itch for supernatural interest or, I’d listen outside of the earshot of the spirits which he does do at times. We get to experience a carnival in London while a demented looking Santa Claus figure doubles over kackling.


He even experiences a few phone calls but, they start to be from inaudible entities. He even wakes to see bed sheets on the floor. Guess the demon is a streaker.

The scary aspect of the film is your own imaginations running wild on you and, the fear it brings when you grasp this story is told supposedly based off true events. The other killer aspect that truly ejects the level of fear is the score by Pig 7. Think of what Halloween, Jaws or, Psycho would have sounded like without those creepy soundtracks!!


The only interaction we receive in terms of human conversation outside of a telephone comes from the mediums sister (Alice Keedwell) who is playing a double role. She warns that her twin was so gifted it killed her and, gives good advice to get the bloody bleeding hell out of that house for Christmas.

Will he listen ? Do most horrors end with anyone listening to reason? I will add that I watched this very late at night and, although I’m capable of watching most horrors anytime this one did start to make me think it was best to have made this an afternoon indulgement! I got through it and, had no nightmares but, it’s definitely one you’d want to put something else on before laying down if you want to dream of sugar plums and fairies.

Let me know your thoughts if you’ve seen this one!! Were you impressed for it being so low budget? If you haven’t seen it do you now want to?

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