The Monster Squad turns 30 today and makes us feel old

The Monster Squad is a classic 1980’s film in the eyes of horror lovers everywhere. Among my hundreds and hundreds of trips to my local video store, when I was a kid, I must have rented this film more than any other. The perfect mix of horror meets The Goonies was the perfect combo. The absolutely frightening creature design by the late, great Stan Winston definitely didn’t hurt either! The wolfman design still stands as one of the most frightening incarnations of the werewolf to date. Tom Noonan’s version of Frankenstein was brilliant and still brings a tear to my eye. 

Surprisingly, the film flopped at the box office with bringing in under $4 million with a $12 million budget. It’s a movie that benefited from the VHS era. Fred Dekker’s vision lives on today with Gen Xers who pass the film on to their children. If this film teaches us anything, it’s that wolfman most definitely has nards…

Check out the trailer below

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