Why isn’t there a BTILC and AOD crossover?

army of darkness, evil dead, comic book, dynamite

So I was skimming through my horror groups on Facebook and someone posted about their desire to see a Big Trouble In Little China and Army of Darkness crossover. This really sparked my interest because this Facebook user was 100% correct! Why hasn't fans seen this cross over in comic form yet? The folks over at Dynamite Entertainment been writing Ash Williams crossovers for years! They've had him team up with Hack N' Slash, Vamperella, Xena, and even Marvel Zombies.

army of darkness, comic book, vamperella, dynamite comics

Over at Boom! Studios, they had a pretty recent successful run of Big Trouble In Little China comics. They even wrote an fantastic crossover with the Escape from New York characters. I subscribed to that mini-series and found it pretty well written and enjoyable.

big trouble in little china, comic book, escape from new york, boom! studios

The banter between the over confident Jack Burton and even MORE over confident Ash Williams simply writes itself. I'm sure there has to be some way to involve the Necronomicon to cross over the two fantastic worlds! I say give the fans what they want! Let's see them team up to save the universe!

Big Trouble

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